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Date Description
2023-08-24 Slides for a talk at the SFP Summer Seminar Day.
2023-08-15 I will be advertising for Florian Schäfer at the UROC virtual job fair.
2023-07-21 New paper on information-theoretic conditional selection improving sparsity patterns on arXiv! Joint work with Joseph Guinness, Matthias Katzfuss, Houman Owhadi, and Florian Schäfer.
2023-07-14 I am awarded the $1500 PURA Salary Award for Fall 2023!
2023-04-03 I will be particpating in Caltech's SURF summer program under Houman Owhadi.
2023-03-09 Poster session at (another) CSE student recruitment event.
2023-02-18 I will be attending the 2023 Georgia Scientific Computing Symposium.
2022-11-17 I will be a teaching assistant for CS 3510 (Design & Analysis of Algorithms) in Spring 2023.
2022-11-15 I will be turning down the $1500 PURA Salary Award due to a conflict with TA'ing.
2022-11-11 Poster session at Georgia Tech's CSE Fall Recruiting Event.
2022-10-07 Slides for a talk at Georgia Tech's ACO Student Seminar.
2022-09-28 Slides for a talk at the SIAM Conference on Mathematics of Data Science (MDS22).
2022-09-23 Slides for another talk at Georgia Tech's Theory Club.
2022-08-18 I am awarded the $1000 PURA Travel Award from Georgia Tech to travel to SIAM MDS22!
2022-04-22 Slides for a seminar in Georgia Tech's School of Computational Science and Engineering.
2022-04-12 Our poster wins 2nd place in the College of Computing!
2022-04-12 Poster session at Georgia Tech's Undergraduate Research Spring Symposium.
2022-02-28 Slides for a lecture at Georgia Tech's computer science Theory Club.
2022-02-19 Slides for a lightning talk at the Georgia Scientific Computing Symposium.
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