Stephen Huan (浣苇杭)

PGP: 0xEA6E27948C7DBF5D0DF085A10FBC2E3BA99DD60E
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S1320 CODA

756 W Peachtree St

Atlanta, GA 30332

I'm an undergraduate student studying computer science at Georgia Tech, currently advised by Florian Schäfer in the School of Computational Science and Engineering. Prior to Georgia Tech, I was at TJHSST.

My research exploits the interplay between numerical computation and statistical inference for faster algorithms. For example, my previous work includes computing sparse Cholesky factors of dense covariance matrices using ideas from optimal experimental design and compressed sensing.

I am best reached via email.


Date Description
2023-08-24 Slides for a talk at the SFP Summer Seminar Day.
2023-08-15 I will be advertising for Florian Schäfer at the UROC virtual job fair.
2023-07-21 New paper on information-theoretic conditional selection improving sparsity patterns on arXiv! Joint work with Joseph Guinness, Matthias Katzfuss, Houman Owhadi, and Florian Schäfer.
2023-07-14 I am awarded the $1500 PURA Salary Award for Fall 2023!
2023-04-03 I will be particpating in Caltech's SURF summer program under Houman Owhadi.

selected publications

  1. Sparse Cholesky factorization by greedy conditional selection
    Stephen Huan, Joseph Guinness, Matthias Katzfuss, Houman Owhadi, and Florian Schäfer
    arXiv preprint arXiv:2307.11648, 2023
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